NFIP Prelim iPad App
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NFIP Prelim iPad App

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This free course contains a 7 part video series walking you through the NFIP Prelim iPad App. PDF guide on the NFIP Prelim iPad App. And a PDF guide reviewing what a desk adjuster should check before submitting the NFIP Prelim Report.

NFIP Prelim iPad App is required to be used in the field on all flood assignments.

New users of the app as well as experienced users can find this information useful.

Includes the following:
• Introduction / Login to Prelim App – 4 minutes
• Handbook Page & Inspection Report – 4 minutes
• Prelim Report Part 1 – 5 minutes
• Prelim Report Part 2 – 3 minutes
• Prelim Report Part 3 – 3 minutes
• Photos – 4 minutes
• Engineer request / FLQ / Underwriting / Non-Waiver – 3 minutes
• NFIP Prelim iPad App Guide
• NFIP Prelim Prelim Report – What to Check (for desk adjusters)

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